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Glico Nutrition’s “POs-Ca™” wins Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2021 in the category as Effective Ingredients for Personal Care Industry

Shanghai, China, July 14, 2021 - Glico Nutrition has won the “Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2021 – Personal Care Industry (Category: Effective Ingredients)” by Ringier, Switzerland’s largest internationally operating Swiss media company. The award was presented to Glico Nutrition and its valued business partner DKSH for its innovative skin care ingredient, POs-Ca.
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The award was officially presented at the award ceremony of "Ringier 2021 Personal Care Industry - Technology Innovation Awards" in Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai, China on 14 July 2021. At the ceremony, 60 innovative products in 6 categories were awarded from more than 200 submissions by evaluation from expert judges. The event saw a further annual increase in the number of participants and reflects the importance of the awards program in the industry.

POs-Ca is a calcium phosphate oligosaccharide produced from potato starch made in Hokkaido, Japan, and is an effective product that matches current market demands for sensitive skin care and post-medical cosmetic care. POs-Ca has been available as a raw material since 2004 and has been used in oral care products (dental chewing gum, etc.) due to its remineralizing function that is effective for early stage tooth decay.
Besides, POs-Ca is a plant material that dissolves well in water and can penetrate the stratum corneum of the skin. It is a safe and reliable functional ingredient that has been used in many skin care cosmetics, toothpaste and hair care products since 2010. To use POs-Ca can compensate for the lack of calcium in damaged skin and improve the barrier function of the stratum corneum. It contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin.

In addition, POs-Ca was newly registered as a cosmetic ingredient by China's National Medical Products Administration (NMPA, formerly CFDA) in December 21, 2020. It is one of the most attracted functional ingredients for cosmetics now.

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We plan to use this award as an opportunity to further strengthen in our global sales activities.

Glico Nutrition continues to explore and expand the possibilities in ingredients through product innovation, practical application, and strict quality assurance. We take pride in developing functional ingredients that offer various functions and benefits based on strong scientific evidence.

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