Simulation model of
helical structure of amylose

BIOAMYLOSE is an enzymatically synthesized amylose (CAS NO. 9005-82-7), which is a linear glucose polymer with a narrow molecular weight distribution and very few branches. This product would be used for various applications including chiral separation technology.

Amylose in nature exists as one of the component of starch, which is a linear polymer of α-1,4 linked glucose. Amylose is the minor component of starch, therefore the separation of amylose from starch is difficult and inefficient, and amylose had not been available as industrial materials for a long time. In addition, natural amylose cannot be controlled in molecular weight (or glucose chain length), and therefore its molecular weight distribution is wide.

We have developed enzymatic production method of amylose. Our technology has been able to control molecular weight of amylose and the product has a narrow molecular weight distribution.

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Structure and Manufacturing Process

The structure of BIOAMYLOSE is a linear polymer of α-1,4 linked glucose as indicated below.

BIOAMYLOSE is manufactured by applying two enzymes and purified with multi steps.
Thus, BIOAMYLOSE is produced with high purity, and is available for several applications.


BIOAMYLOSE has the following properties.

  • BIOAMYLOSE is a linear glucose polymer with very few branches.
  • The molecular weight can be controlled by enzyme reaction conditions.
  • The molecular weight distribution is narrow (Mw/Mn<1.10).
  • BIOAMYLOSE can take a helical conformation and produce inclusion complex with various other molecules. (See below)

(A) Molecule model of BIOAMYLOSE having helical structure
(B) Simulation model of inclusion complex with stearic acid


BIOAMYLOSE can be used for several purposes including the followings.

  • Use for a reagent for research
  • Use for molecular weight marker
  • Use for chiral separation technology
  • Use for other purposes

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