In 2014, our Development Department was renamed to Research & Development Division. This change symbolizes our way of thinking. Rather than simply developing products, we analyze data from scientific point of view and make objective decisions.

There are several numbers of factors that are required to enhance food: taste, visual presentation, texture and fragrance. Glico Nutrition specializes in products that enhance texture and visual presentation (color).

When it comes to texture of food, we ask questions such as “What is the difference in texture between crunchy and crumbly?” We analyze these differences scientifically and have our trained technicians to evaluate and develop our products accordingly based on customers’ needs.

These methods of thinking and techniques were the key to developing our enzyme treated starch products, GMIX series.

In fine chemical products, such as health food, cosmetics and health care products, Glico Nutrition specializes in carbohydrate engineering technology. We have developed an original technique to have glycosylation and polymer synthesis treated with enzyme. Our products, Cluster Dextrin, α-Arbutin, BIOGLYCOGEN, BIOAMYLOSE and POs-Ca, are the result of using this specialized technique.

Glico Nutrition values in integrity of our products. The strength of our R&D Department is that we are able to provide scientifically verifiable data of our developed products. We believe it is very important to inform and educate about the product usage and capability of the products from scientific point of view to meet our customers’ needs.

Our researchers are always conducting research at highly advanced level to make sure Glico Nutrition maintains as the food ingredient company that is indispensable for our valuable customers.

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