Our Research & Development (R&D) Management Center was reorganized in 2021. We aim to develop new ingredients in texturizing field and wellness field.

Our R&D Management Center is composed of 3 centers: the Basic R&D Center, the Production R&D Center and the Application R&D Center, and each center have 2 groups: Texturizing Group and Wellness Group. We provide professional services encompassing development and research new ingredients (the Basic R&D Center), production and quality improvement (the Production R&D Center), and optimization and development new applications (the Application R&D Center). With developing original techniques and introducing novel ingredients to the market, we constantly offer “SEEDS” (solutions) to customer “NEEDS” and grasp customer “INSIGHT” (the potential consumer needs) by directly contacting our customers in texturizing field and wellness field. These enable us to develop suitable products for customer “NEEDS”. We’re also required technologies for efficient processing and evaluation techniques to take advantage of product’s characteristics. From the initial stage of development, we evaluate new ingredient itself and the impact of new ingredient on the quality of the finished products, assuming customer’s products.

We mainly study and develop wheat protein and starch to build up a desired image of the textural properties of the food. Especially GMIX™, our original enzyme treated starch, has been developed and well received in the marked since its unique texture and properties. We offer proper products to customers having various tastes all over the world by quantifying properties of products and applications.

We also study natural coloring and fine chemicals. Natural coloring, used from ancient times, has been developed among the changes of food cultures. Fine chemical products, such as health food, cosmetics, and health care products have been developed based on our unique and original technology for glycosylation and carbohydrate polymer synthesis using enzyme reactions. We’ve developed Cluster Dextrin™, α-Arbutin, BIOGLYCOGEN™, BIOAMYLOSE™, and POs-Ca™. We provide these fine chemical products with the solid functional evidence for our customers.

We Glico Nutrition try to keep enhancing technologies and developing our uniqueness to provide customers essential products fulfilling their “NEEDS”.

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