Our Research & Development Division, Customer Solution Center, in Glico Nutrition, is composed of 2 groups. One is the Functional Ingredients Research group, which develops new functional ingredients, and the other is the Application R&D group, which verifies many functional effects in real some foods.

We create our “SEEDS” (solution) in the market by introducing new ingredients and products that have been developed by our technology to add value. By directly contacting our customers, we can grasp not only the apparent “NEED” but also “INSIGHT”. We are developing new ingredients based on the “NEEDS” and the “INSIGHT” from our customers. Here, we study some technology to modify some ingredients and evaluate the ingredients to make the best use. Indeed, the effect is varified when new ingredients added to actual foods is essentially required. From the initial development stage, we are proceeding with an appropriate evaluation of the ingredients and foods that can be expectedly effective.

Our main products are gluten, one of wheat protein, starch, and original enzyme-treated starch products, “GMIX™” series to express the desired characteristics such as texture. Even if we say “texture,” various tastes and expressions depend on the country and region. We believe we can provide appropriate introductions to our customers by quantifying the characteristics of these ingredients themselves or when added to some foods.

Our fine chemical products, such as health food, cosmetics, and health care products have been developed based on our unique carbohydrate bioengineering technology. We have developed an unique and original technology for glycosylation and carbohydrate polymer synthesis using enzyme reactions. Our unique and original technology produced our unique products, Cluster Dextrin™, α-Arbutin, BIOGLYCOGEN™, BIOAMYLOSE™, and POs-Ca™. We provide these fine chemical products with the solid functional evidences for our customers.

Glico Nutrition values the integrity of our products. The advantage of our Research & Development is that we can provide scientifically verifiable data about our products.

We believe it is imperative to introduce and provide our product usage and capability from a scientific perspective. At the same time, we give priority to our customers’ “NEEDS” and “INSIGHT”. Our researchers are continually looking for ways at a highly advanced level to make sure Glico Nutrition maintains as an indispensable food ingredient company to our valuable customers.

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