Glico Group Social Media Policy

The Glico Group Social Media Policy, the fundamental rules to be followed by the Glico Group and Glico Group management and employees (hereinafter “the management and employees”) when utilizing social media, is outlined as follows.

This policy has been established in order to proactively expand the various brand values and the positive image of the Glico Group through the use of social media, and is applicable to officially designated Glico Group accounts, the personal accounts of all management and employees of the company, all activity of the management and employees on other social media. This policy is to be followed by the Glico Group and all management and employees.

*Management and employees: All Glico Group executives and people with contracts of employment with the Glico Group.

1.Definition of Social Media
Services that utilize the internet allow users to disseminate information or communicate with other users. Examples include blogs, Twitter and social network services (SNS).

2. The Purpose of the Social Media Policy
By communicating through social media, the Glico Group and its management and employees can build positive relationships with users and members of society as a whole, and contribute to improvement of the Glico brand image and value. However, using social media with an inappropriate attitude or understanding can reflect badly on not only the person who transmitted the information, but damage the brand image and reputation of the Glico Group, causing trouble for customers, clients and other individuals and organizations, and so must be avoided.

3. Preparations for Using Social Media

  1. Awareness and responsibility for communication and response Always bare in mind that any information put out on the internet can be accessed by an indefinite number of people, and disclosed information can never be completely deleted. Understand that any communication you make may affect not just yourself, but on the reputation of the entire Glico Group, so listen attentively to all stakeholders and act responsibly.
  2. Strictly follow the law, social standards and company rules Utilization of and communication by social media must be carried out following the Glico Group code of conduct and in strict accordance with related laws, social standards and company rules.
  3. Prevention of copyright infringement and defamation Do not engage in copyright and other intellectual property rights infringement, defamation of third parties or other activities that infringe on the rights of other people.
  4. Protection of confidential company information, or customer and business partner information Do not disclose confidential information related to the company. Furthermore, do not disclose information about customers and business partners without the permission of the aforementioned customer or business partner.
  5. Carry out your daily duties Be careful not to focus too much on social media to the detriment of your own duties, and try not to do anything that may disturb the work and daily life of third parties.

4. To our customers, business partners and users
The information from the Glico Group and its management and employees are not necessarily official announcement from the group or the official opinion of the group. Official announcements are made on each of the company’s sites and through press releases.