Food Ingredients


GMIX is a modified starch that incorporates enzyme-treated starch called “E-Starch”. The use of “E-Starch” in GMIX permits to retain shape, achieve firmness and maintain elasticity unlike using conventional modified starch. GMIX can be used as an alternative to protein or thickening agent, such as egg white or soy protein.


Wheat Protein

Wheat Protein is the essential ingredient when it comes to making bread and noodles. Adding water to wheat protein can create texture with desirable viscosity and elasticity for baked goods and noodles. Glico Nutrition has four types of Wheat Protein products which have been customized for specific food uses.

» Wheat Protein

Modified Starch

Vegetable starch can be derived from various plants, such as tapioca, wheat, corn and potatoes. When starch has been modified, it changes properties. For example, starch can become heat resistant or stay pliable even when it’s refrigerated or frozen. Glico Nutrition has several different modified starch products for specific food uses.

» Modified Starch

Food Color

Color gives vibrancy to food that visually stimulates and enhances the presentation of the food. In addition, food coloring can compensate loss of color or fading of color which happens during the manufacturing process and/or during storage. Glico Nutrition has full spectrum of color products available for different food types to provide solutions for your processing needs.

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