GMIX series is the products containing Glico Nutrition's unique enzyme-treated starch E-Starch™. Glico Nutrition has a diverse lineup available for different types of foods.

What is GMIX?Positioning map of physical propertiesProduct lineup

What is GMIX?

Conventional modified starch has had limitedly available physical properties: when cross-linked, it shows better shape retention but becomes firm and fragile; when acetylated or hydroxypropylated, it increases clarity and stretchiness but loses shape retention. The E-Starch, enzyme-treated starch developed by Glico Nutrition, has unique properties of both "firmness and good shape retention" and "sufficient stretchiness" at the same time, which could not be realized by any conventional modification method.
In addition, the E-starch has the following features, including physical properties.

1. Strong elasticity
Has both firmness and stretchiness, and strong elasticity like protein ingredients
2. Reduction in adhesiveness and powderiness
Has less adhesiveness, reduces starch-specific stickiness, and improves work efficiency
3. Good meltability in the mouth
Provides texture of good meltability in the mouth
4. Good flavor release
Reduces masking effect easily caused by starch to bring out the original taste and flavor of food

Glico Nutrition provides the GMIX series containing the E-starch to meet a wide range of demands, such as improving texture and imparting functionality, and substituting it for protein ingredients and thickeners.

Examples of application of GMIX in food

●Bakery products●
* To keep soft and moist texture
* To provide meltability in the mouth
* To improve workability due to better water retention
* To provide moldability and good shape retention


●Processed meat products●
* To provide firmness, elasticity, and good water retention
* To substitute for protein ingredients
* To provide meat-like texture
* To reduce costs by partial replacement of ingredient meat

Recommended: GMIX-E226, GMIX-E2, GMIX-F1, GMIX-K1A

●Fishery paste products●
* To provide less gluey but elastic texture
* To provide good shape retention
* To provide refrigeration resistance and suppress retrogradation
* To provide heat-agitation resistance

Recommended: GMIX-E226, GMIX-E2, GMIX-F1, GMIX-K1A

Furthermore, the GMIX series can be used for various foods such as sauces, Japanese and Western confectionary, pasty foods, noodles, and dumpling wrappers.

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Positioning map of physical properties

We, Glico Nutrition, have a lineup of starch products with a wide range of physical properties, including the GMIX series. In addition to products introduced in this positioning map, we have many other products. Please feel free to contact us.

Based on results of sensory evaluation of 20% starch gel

Product lineup

Product Features
GMIX-E226 Modified starch
For general foods
Gel with strong elasticity and stretchiness
Has heat-agitation resistance
GMIX-E2 Modified starch
For general foods
Gel with very strong elasticity
GMIX-E3 Formulation of modified starch
For noodles (raw, chilled, frozen noodles)
Texture equivalent to that of egg white
Keeps the elastic texture of the noodles in the soup
GMIX-E246 Modified starch
For general foods
Gel with excellent viscoelasticity
Has refrigeration resistance and retrogradation resistance
GMIX-F1 Modified starch
For general foods
Has heat-agitation resistance and refrigeration resistance
GMIX-K1A Pregelatinized modified starch
Gelatinized with cold water, less likely to become lumpy
Firm gel
Can be used for bakery foods and fishery paste products
GMIX-RT1 Modified starch
For low-carb foods
Dietary fiber 95% or more
Has heat resistance
GMIX-SA1 Formulation of modified starch
For fishery paste products
Improves moldability and texture
GMIX-H5 Formulation of modified starch
For pickling liquid for processed meat products
Provides elasticity, flexibility, and good water retention
GMIX-H7 Formulation of modified starch
For pickling liquid for processed meat products
Suppresses starch precipitation in pickling liquid
GMIX-BA7 Formulation of modified starch
For bakery foods
Provides retrogradation resistance and chewy texture
Improves workability
Formulation of modified starch
For fishery paste products, Japanese sweets, soups and sauces
Has refrigeration resistance, freezing resistance, and retort resistance
GMIX-AM2 is a little crispier and more flexible than GMIX-AM1
GMIX-AM3 Formulation of modified starch
For processed egg products and fishery paste products
Has higher retrogradation resistance and flexibility than both GMIX-AM1 and GMIX-AM2
GMIX-SN1 Formulation of modified starch
For low-carb noodles
Contains resistant starch
Provides elasticity and slipperiness to noodles
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