GMIX is a modified starch that incorporates enzyme-treated starch called “E-Starch”. GMIX can produce the unique texture that cannot be produced by using conventional modified starch.

Characteristics of Conventional Modified Starch:

  1. Cross-linked starch retains shape and firmness, but it becomes hard and brittle.
  2. Acetylated or hydroxypropylated starch increases clarity and pliableness, but it loses ability to retain shape.

The use of “E-Starch” in GMIX retains shape, achieves firmness and maintains elasticity unlike what conventional modified starch produces.

Product Features Food Applications
GMIX-E2 Creates texture that is equivalent of using egg white in noodles.

In processed fish products, it increases elasticity and reduces use of fish paste which leads to cost reduction.
・Noodles (ideal for chilled noodles)
・Processed meat and fish products                               
GMIX-E226 Heat and shear resistant.

Keeps change of viscosity to minimum.

Achieves very strong elasticity and produces excellent stretching quality.
・Processed meat products
・Japanese sweets (wagashi)                                   
GMIX-E246 Versatile starch that can be cooled and slow down retrogration.

Achieves gel-like texture that is pliable and elastic.

Ideal for improving texture of filling, fresh pastry and noodles.
・Japanese sweets (wagashi)
GMIX-F1 Heat and shear resistant.

Produces smooth and silky texture in filling (custard cream, etc) unlike typical starchy texture produced with conventional modified starch.
・Filling (custard, chocolate cream, etc)
・Fruit preparation
・Processed fish products

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