News Release

November 21,2019

Glico Nutrition to promote exercise support ingredient, Cluster Dextrin™ , in Food Ingredients-Europe 2019 (Paris, France)

We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting Cluster Dextrin™, our excellent sports nutrition ingredient, at the Food Ingredients-Europe 2019. Cluster Dextrin™ is a high molecular weight carbohydrate with quick gastric emptying time, so it delivers sustainable energy with perfect timing during exercise. We invite you to visit our booth with DKSH France to learn about our new studies including the positive effects of Cluster Dextrin™ on amino acid absorption.

With over 25,000 visitors each year, Food Ingredients- Europe is one of the largest global platforms for finding a comprehensive range of natural and organic ingredients, innovative products and advanced solutions for people in the food and beverage industry.