The company use The CNG for develop the transport efficiency in parallel with reduction of pollution and is friendly to the nature and the environment with the logo on the truck body is “Care for the Environment, Travel without Pollution by CNG vehicles.” And first CNG truck was used in 2009.

What is CNG? And what is its benefit?

CNG is the acronym of compressed natural gas that is a new alternative natural energy, which methane gas is its main composition. It can be used as vehicular fuel the same as petrol and diesel. Meanwhile, CNG is the natural gas is compressed with high pressure (more than 3,000 pounds/square inch). The special qualification of the CNG is the ratio of the carbon is less than other fuels and can make more perfect combustion than other fuels. It has the emissions dissipate from the engine lower than other fuels; while it is a clean fuel does not black smoke or toxic substances that are dangerous to the health of people. So it can reduce the air pollution problem that is more severe as the day goes by.

Benefits of the natural gas are as follows:

1. It can be used as a fuel for the engine.
2. It can be used with the refrigerator and refrigeration.
3. It can be a raw material fed to the refinery substituting oil partially.
4. It can be a raw material for various types of petroleum products.

While CNG has strong smell because it was added with Mercaptan to alert the people when there is a leak from its container or holding equipment easily. CNG is different from petrol because it is gas not a liquid, so burning of CNG in the combustion chamber of the engine is more perfect and cleaner and less soot and no lead in the emissions. Since CNG has higher octane value without adding lead and its slash temperature is as high as 704 Celsius degree.

Thus, the chance of having pre-combustion in the engine was not possible. However, the use of CNG with the vehicles may reduce the efficiency and acceleration rate a little less than before. Because the lower fuel heat than the petrol and LPG, compared from the same volume (that is in the vapor condition).

Since the CNG is a hydrocarbon compound, it can be used as fuel the same as fuel and LPG, but the method of using it as a fuel is different depending on the fuel qualifications of each type. Thus, we should know the qualifications of the CNG as follows:

1. Its normal status is gas.
2. CNG has the specific gravity value lower than the air, so it is lighter than air, and then when the gas is leaked can be diffused in the atmosphere rapidly.
3. The general octane number is higher than 120, so it can be used as a fuel substitute in the vehicle very well.
4. CNG has no color and no odor, so for safety on use, it should be added odor to give a warning upon there is a leak.

CNG is not toxic, but with a large mixture of air can cause the lack of oxygen, because the use of CNG can substitute it in the petrol and diesel engines.

Advantages of CNG

1. It saves on the fuel costs. From the data of various countries found the price of CNG compared with the heating equivalent of one liter of petrol is cheaper by about 50%
2. It reduces the cost of maintenance and increase the life of the engine due to the CNG is in the gas state causes perfect combustion without soot catches on the piston and no soot on the oil. In the statistics found the oil to have the life of 15,000 km each time and can extend the engine life by two times.
3. It reduces pollution since the CNG can make perfect combustion and it has no lead mixture, so it can reduce the pollution by 90%.
4. The engine can run smoothly and easily started while the weather is cool, as the CNG is in the gas state causes the engine to be easily started, no need for warming up the engine. Moreover, the CNG octane number is higher, which can prevent knocking in the engine.
5. It has high safety because the equipment is designed for high pressure. In the case of a gas leak the natural gas, which has the qualification of lighter than the air can spread to the atmosphere instead of being kept in the low areas like other fuels. Moreover, during the combustion of the CNG is in the range of 5-15% with the volume and gas temperature of about 1200 Fahrenheit degree, but if it is the petrol will have the value of about 0.6-0.8% at 800 Fahrenheit degree.