Privacy Policy

In keeping with the duties stated in the laws related to the protection of private information, such as the Private Information Protection Law, and guidelines of the Competent Minister, GLICO FROZEN THAILAND CO., LTD. (hereinafter “the company”) is working to protect the private information of its customers through the following policies. Campaigns or specific services may have different privacy policies, so please be sure to read those as well.

1. Collection of Private Information
When gathering information on customers, the company will do so through reasonable means. In addition, the company will not use the information for purposes other than those previously agreed to by the customer (excluding purposes required by law). Please note that phone calls to the company may be recorded to confirm the content of the calls.

2. Management of Private Information
The company manages the private information of its customers appropriately and strives to prevent any external leakage of that data. In addition, the company is also taking reasonable and appropriate safety measures to prevent the loss, destruction and alteration of private information due to unauthorized access. There are cases where the company outsources the handling of private information to external companies. In these cases, the company will manage and supervise the outsourcing company and ensure the appropriate handling of customer information through outsourcing contracts and other measures.

3. Use of Private Information
The company uses the information gathered on its customers for the following purposes:
3.1. To inform the customer of online and mail sales and campaigns
3.2. To confirm the purchase of products and their delivery
3.3. To ask the customer to fill in questionnaires on the company’s products and services
3.4. To gather entries for campaigns, events and questionnaires, and to deliver prizes and rewards to participants
3.5. To deliver mail magazines
3.6. To ask for the opinion of the customers in order to improve the company’s products and services
3.7. To provide customers with accurate information regarding special services and new products
3.8. To reply to inquiries from customers

The company will take appropriate care when using customer information it has gathered in order to protect the rights of the customer. Furthermore, the company will not use the customer information for purposes other than those outlined above without the permission of the customer. (Excluding cases where the customer has given prior consent or it is required by law.)

4. Shared Use of Private Information
In order to respond to requests from customers, the company may share customer information with group companies within a necessary scope. In these cases, the company will take responsibility for the management of the private information.

5. Provision, Disclosure, Correction of Private Information and Suspension of Use
The company will not provide private information to third parties, expect in the following cases:
5.1. When the customer has consented to disclosing or sharing their private information to a third party.
5.2. When an official legal inquiry has been received from an official institution, such as a court or the police.
5.3. When the actions of a customer on the company’s website may damage the company’s rights, property or services, and it has been judged to be necessary to protect them.
5.4. When the information is urgently needed to physically protect people or protect assets, and the receiving consent from the user is difficult.
5.5. When sharing the information with group companies within a necessary scope in order to respond to requests from customers.

The company will provide customers with notification of the disclosure and purpose of use of their data where required in line with legal requirement. Please note that due to the policy of the company, the costs of disclosing the information will be born by the customer. After receiving a request from the customer to correct the information held or to suspend use, after confirming that the request has come from the actual customer concerned as legally required, the company will investigate the matter and make the corrections or suspend use without delay.

6. Maintenance of Internal Systems
The company is striving to protect the private information of its customers by establishing internal regulations regarding the protection of private information based on this privacy policy and by providing continuous instruction in the handling of private information to its employees.

7. The Use of Cookies
Cookies are used on certain pages of this website. Cookies are a technology for communicating between the website’s server and the browser. Through Cookies, the browser the customer is using can be identified, but this does not identify the private information of the customer. With Cookies, the user’s viewing history of the company’s website is recorded, making using the internet more beneficial. Cookies are widespread as a standard technology of the internet, and are used by many sites for the purpose of improving customer convenience, displaying advertising by changing the Cookie settings themselves, customers can block cookies. However, by blocking cookies, the user may become unable to use some of the services on the site. Furthermore, depending on the customer’s usage environment (browser settings, internet connection), it may not be possible block cookies in some cases.

8. Review
The company will review its initiatives for the protection of private information and will take appropriate measures to improve them. Please note that the company may change this privacy policy without prior notice. The modified privacy policy will be displayed on this page.

9. Inquiries
Please contact the company’s customer center for inquiries regarding the privacy policy, requests regarding the disclosure or correction of customer information or the suspension of use.

"Social Media Policy"

The Glico Group Social Media Policy, the fundamental rules to be followed by the Glico Group and Glico Group management and employees (hereinafter “the management and employees”) when utilizing social media, is outlined as follows.
This policy has been established in order to proactively expand the various brand values and the positive image of the Glico Group through the use of social media, and is applicable to officially designated Glico Group accounts, the personal accounts of all management and employees of the company, all activity of the management and employees on other social media. This policy is to be followed by the Glico Group and all management and employees.

*Management and employees: All Glico Group executives and people with contracts of employment with the Glico Group.

1. Definition of Social
Services that utilize the internet allow users to disseminate information or communicate with other users. Examples include blogs, Twitter and social network services (SNS).

2. The Purpose of the Social Media Policy
By communicating through social media, the company and its management and employees can build positive relationships with users and members of society as a whole, and contribute to improvement of the company brand image and value. However, using social media with an inappropriate attitude or understanding can reflect badly on not only the person who transmitted the information, but damage the brand image and reputation of the company, causing trouble for customers, clients and other individuals and organizations, and so must be avoided.

3. Preparations for Using Social Media
3.1. Awareness and responsibility for communication and response Always bare in mind that any information put out on the internet can be accessed by an indefinite number of people, and disclosed informa tion can never be completely deleted. Understand that any communication you make may affect not just yourself, but on the reputation of the entire company, so listen attentively to all stakeholders and act responsibly.
3.2. Strictly follow the law, social standards and company rules Utilization of and communication by social media must be carried out following the company code of conduct and in strict accordance with related laws, social standards and company rules.
3.3. Prevention of copyright infringement and defamation Do not engage in copyright and other intellectual property rights infringement, defamation of third parties or other activities that infringe on the rights of other people.
3.4. Protection of confidential company information, or customer and business partner information Do not disclose confidential information related to the company. Furthermore, do not disclose information about customers and business partners without the permission of the aforementioned customer or business partner. 5. Carry out your daily duties.
3.5. Be careful not to focus too much on social media to the detriment of your own duties, and try not to do anything that may disturb the work and daily life of third parties.

4. To our customers, business partners and users
The information from the company and its management and employees are not necessarily official announcement from the company or the official opinion of the group. Official announcements are made on each of the company’s sites and through press releases.