Letter from Glico

As Glico frozen, we deeply appreciate your trust and support for Glico products.
We deeply apologize for the current short supply of our products.
We would like to explain, regarding the matter that some customers consider that “Glico is intentionally carrying out a marketing method to manipulate a desire for rare products”.

1. Glico has no such policy to carry out marketing methods to manipulate consumers into having a desire for rare products, as mentioned above.

2. Glico is currently outsourcing the production to a different company. Everyday, we are using our resources to its fullest capacity to meet the increasing demand of customers, while preserving the quality and regulation of Glico Japan’s standards. However, the speed of the production is limited for a certain amount of time.

Glico is making the best effort to solve this issue at its earliest, and we sincerely are open to any opinions to improve our products and services.
We would like to request for your cooperation to not buy the products in a portion that is more than necessary, or to re-sell our products, in order to have the products delivered to as many consumers as possible.
Thank you so much for your kind understanding and cooperation.
Lastly, we would like to show our deepest appreciation for your continuous support for our products.