Glico Group Social Media Policy

This Glico Group Social Media Policy sets forth the stance, conduct and fundamental rules to be followed and observed by Glico Group with regard to the operation of the Glico Group’s official social media accounts and the usage of social media by the Glico Personnel.

*Glico Personnel means all officers (including directors, auditors, officers, and the like) and employees (including contract employees, temporary employees, and part-time employees) of Glico Group.

1. Definition of Social Media
Social Media refers to services, utilizing the internet, to allow users to disseminate information or communicate with other users, such as blogs, Twitter and other social network services (SNS).

2. The Purpose of the Social Media Policy
By communicating widely through the Glico Group’s official social media accounts and through personal use of social media by the Glico Personnel, Glico Group will build positive relationships with society and users and contribute to improvement of the brand image and value of the Glico brand.
At the same time, the Glico Personnel must be aware of the possibility that inappropriate attitudes or conduct on social media may not only reflect badly on the person who transmitted the information but also damage the brand image and reputation of Glico Group, causing trouble for customers, business partners, and other individuals and organizations, and so must be avoided.

3. Use of Social Media by the Glico Personnel
(1) Awareness and responsibility for communication and response
Always bear in mind that any information put out on social media can be accessed by an indefinite number of people, and disclosed information can never be completely deleted. Understand that any communication you make, either anonymously or otherwise, may affect not just yourself but also the reputation of the entire Glico Group. For these reasons, listen attentively to others and act responsibly in social media communication. Respect the values and characteristics of personality of all social media users, including their racial/ethnic, thoughts, and beliefs.

(2) Strictly follow the law, social standards and company rules
Utilization of and communication by social media must be carried out following the Glico Group’s Code of Conduct and in strict accordance with related laws, social standards and company rules.

(3) Prevention of copyright infringement and defamation
Do not engage in copyright and other intellectual property rights infringement, defamation of third parties or other activities that infringe on the rights of other people. If quoting content or news articles transmitted by a third party, clearly specify the quoted part.

(4) Protection of company’s confidential information, customer information and business partner information
Do not disclose confidential information related to the company. Furthermore, do not disclose information about customers and business partners without the permission of the aforementioned customer or business partner.

(5) Carry out your daily duties
Be careful not to focus too much on social media to the detriment of your own duties or the work and daily life of third parties.

4. Operation of Official Social Media Accounts and Personal Use of Social Media by Glico Personnel
(1) Basic stance
Information communicated from the official social media accounts of Glico Group or from personal use by the Glico Personnel does not necessarily reflect the official announcements and opinions of Glico Group. Official announcements are made on websites of each company of Glico Group and through press releases. If erroneous information is communicated or misleading expressions are used, an apology and modification will be promptly made. Although Glico Group may respond to certain opinions or inquiries received, please note that such response does not constitute a promise by Glico Group to respond to all opinions and inquiries. The Glico Group Social Media Policy may be revised or updated without prior notice.
(2) Standards for posts or comments deletion and restriction of use
Any posts or comments made in the Glico Group’s official social media accounts that falls under the following criteria may be deleted or subject to restrictions on use, etc. .

1) Matters that pertain to personal information or privacy
2) Statements that defame, slander or damage the reputation of Glico Group or any third party
3) Matters that infringe on the copyright, intellectual property rights or other rights of Glico Group or any third party
4) Matters that resemble political, electoral campaign or religious activities
5) Matters that violate public order and morality or laws and regulations
6) Matters that discriminate against race, ideas, religious, beliefs, etc., or matters that foster such discrimination
7) Tampering with information provided through the Glico Group’s social media accounts
8) Matters falling under unacceptable conduct as specified by social media platforms
9) Matters judged as inappropriate by the manager of the Glico Group’s official social media accounts

(3) Disclaimer
1) Glico Group shall not bear any liability for posts and comments by users.
2) Glico Group shall not bear any liability for any trouble or dispute that arises between users or users and third parties in relation to the Glico Group’s official social media accounts.
3) Glico Group may terminate operation of the Glico Group’s official social media accounts without prior notice.
4) Glico Group does not promise to respond to posts by users.

5. Inquiries regarding the Social Media Policy
For inquiries regarding this Social Media Policy or use of social media by the Glico Group, please use the inquiry form.

Effective Date: 2020.12.12

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