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April 23, 2024

Today, we are thrilled to announce the Soft Launch of our direct-to-consumer E-commerce platform, the Glico USA Online Store! Accessible to a select group of Glico enthusiasts until August 2024, this launch marks an exciting step forward in our commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences.

What's in Store at Glico USA Online?

Our new E-commerce website offers an extensive range of products from not only Pocky, but also other Glico brands, including Pretz, Pejoy, Caplico, and Friend Bakery. Dive into our seasonal-limited products and bundles only available at With just a click, fans across the U.S. can now indulge in their favorite Glico snacks anytime, anywhere!

Alongside the debut of the Glico USA Online Store comes our very first Rewards Program: "Glico Snack Club," where members can earn points through purchases and various engagements, which can be later redeemed for more snacks, exclusive merchandise, and other enticing incentives, such as early access to new releases.

For the past two decades, our main aim has been to make our customers happy. We hope this Online Store will be an accessible platform for you to grab all your favorite Glico snacks and allow us to connect with you even more closely.

Be a part of the beta test of our new e-commerce website, where you can order directly from us! Connect with Pocky USA (@pockyusa) or Glico USA (@glicousa) Instagram for more details.

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