Celebrating Pocky Day on 11.11!

Celebrating Pocky Day on 11.11!

November 3, 2023

The Holidays are coming soon and so is Pocky Day! Every year on November 11th (11.11), we celebrate Pocky Day, as the number “1” resembles the Pocky stick. To show gratitude to Pocky fans and consumers, we created the holiday in 1999, when Japan reached the 11th year of the Heisei Era (so it was 11.11.11!). It is also the day we encourage everyone to enjoy Pocky with their loved ones and share happiness.

Best Ways to Celebrate Pocky Day

1. Share it

With plenty of sticks in each box, Pocky is the perfect snack for sharing with friends and family. For parties or gatherings, you can simply open a box of Pocky and present them in a glass. And why not try some Pocky games(*1) to make the party more fun? It will surely bring people closer together.

2. Gift it

The iconic red box also makes Pocky a thoughtful gift. If you want to go the extra mile, you can decorate the box with stickers and/or a ribbon or put the boxes together to form heart shapes or letter(s)(*2). It is a wonderful way to show appreciation for people you care about.

3. Bake it

If you want to elevate your baked goods, try baking with Pocky. With a variety of flavors available, not only can you use Pocky as a decoration or topping, but you can also add it as an ingredient to your cakes and pastries. Check out Pocky recipes(*3) on the Pocky.com website!

4. Enjoy it yourself

Of course, you can spend Pocky Day by treating yourself to lots of Pocky too! Reading, watching a movie, playing a video game, or whatever plan you have, Pocky is the perfect snacking companion, thanks to its mess-free cream-covered sticks.

How do you want to celebrate your Pocky Day? Find Pocky at your location by visiting the Store Locator on the website Pocky.com (visit “FIND POCKY from the menu bar)(*4). Pocky tip: you may be able to see our Pocky Day décor at your nearest Asian retailers. Share Pocky, Share Happiness!

History of Pocky

In 1966, a chocolate-covered biscuit stick, Pocky, was launched in Japan. The name was inspired by the Japanese onomatopoeia for the snapping sound made while eating these sticks. In the beginning, Pocky sticks were each hand dipped in chocolate, leaving an end of the stick, handle, bare. The handle design makes Pocky unique and easy to grab without getting chocolate in your hand.

As demand increased, the manual dipping process was replaced with a machine, but the signature handle design remained. Over many years, new flavor varieties have been introduced, and the packaging has evolved(*5) while maintaining the iconic red box design that is compact and easy to carry as on-the-go snacks. After over 50 years, Pocky has become a well-loved snack brand globally and has been enjoyed by many generations.

Pocky first packaging in 1966

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