The origin of Glico's R&D

The history of Glico records a series of challenges in the pursuit of “A Wholesome Life in the Best of Taste” . It all began in 1919 when the firm’s founder - Mr. Riichi Ezaki - requested the Kyushu Imperial University Hospital to analyze a sample of oyster broth - an analysis that confirmed the presence of a significant amount of glycogen. Due to the fact that modern concepts of nutrition were only beginning to be formulated and understood, the efficaciousness of this substance was still relatively unknown. Mr. Riichi Ezaki fed it to his sickly son who, as a result, gradually became healthy. This strong desire to utilize glycogen in confectionaries and thereby enhance human health, lays at the origin of Glico.
For over a century since then, the progressive introduction of delicious, healthy products has been predominantly based on research and development (R&D) incorporating creative ingenuity. “A Wholesome Life in the Best of Taste” is, in other words, supported by science. It is the Research & Development Department that adds scientific evidence and ideas to Glico’s products and business to positively contribute to both physical and mental health of all customers. And it is the strive that makes our company moving towards the future. The results of such basic research not only contribute to the positive creation of original products, they also provide the basis for our company to move towards the future.

※Glico group is cognizant of its ethical obligations concerning animal welfare. We will not fund, conduct, or commission experiments on animals for foods unless it is necessary under relevant laws, regulations, and/or directives.

A scientific approach to Glico's products

Ezaki Glico’s basic research core competencies are Glycotechnology and Enzyme Engineering. This research has resulted in numerous findings that have produced positive influences upon respective areas of research and application around the world. Applying those findings to health science, products and functional materials are developed in line with Glico’s comprehensive pursuit of A Wholesome Life in the Best of Taste.

For detailed information regarding Glico’s basic research contributing to the practical development of p roducts and functional materials, please refer to “Research・Themes” on the Glico Institute of Health Sciences website.

A scientific approach to Glico's products