Glico R&D Makes Positive Global Contributions

Glico Research and Development Department Research in Numbers

Number of Research Papers

Research papers by Glico researchers have been internationally published in authoritative journals where they compare positively with the output of research facilities around the world.
■List of publications in which research papers by Glico researchers have been published.
・Scientific Reports
・Journal of Biological Chemistry
・Journal of Bacteriology
・Applied & Environmental Microbiology
・Journal of Dental Research
・Tetrahedron Letters
・Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Number of citations per thesis

By measuring the impact of a published paper on other research, the number of citations is an indicator supporting that paper’s usefulness and reliability. Among those published by Glico researchers from 1988 to December 2017, the number of citations for first place is 652 - an exceptionally significant number relative to dozens of other papers whose citations merely exceed 100 times. This, then, is yet another indication that members of the Glico researchers write valuable research papers on a global scale.
■Reference: Journal Impact Factor
The Journal Impact Factor is an index used to measure the scale of impact of a research paper in a scientific publication. Even among all the papers published in Nature magazine that is one of the most frequently quoted scientific journals, the average number of references made in a period two years is - as of 2017 - only 40.137.
*1. Structures of Common Cyclodextrins and Their Larger Analogues Beyond the Doughnut, 1998, Chemical Reviews
*2. The Concept of the α-Amylase Family: Structural Similarity and Common Catalytic Mechanism, 1999, Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering
*3. Action of Neopullulanase. Neopullulanase Catalyzes Both Hydrolysis and Transglycosylation At α-(1→4)- and α-(1→6)-Glucosidic Linkages, 1992, Journal of Biological Chemistry

Developmental Ability to Direct New Materials
and Technologies Into Business, Products

At Ezaki Glico, we jointly conduct mechanism-based research, applied research, and product technology development.

In Ezaki Glico's R & D, each expert collaborates with each other to create products and deliver them to customers.