The nutritious candy - Glico Caramel is created and test-marketed. The heart-shaped caramel product, “Glico”, features the distinctive red package of the Glico logo and a marathon runner with arms raised in the air resembling victory.



A sandwich-type healthy biscuit treat made with yeast, becomes the second nutritious confectionery that Glico creates.


Almond Glico

Created upon an encounter with almonds in the US, sales of Almond Glico commence with the catch phrase “Double the Flavor in Each Piece”. The taste of these caramels containing almonds is a popular hit among adults.


Almond Chocolate

Until the introduction of this product that contained one almond in each piece of chocolate, chocolate products generally contained only chocolate. In 1962, Almond Chocolate wins an award in the Monde Selection Nuts category in Belgium, the first for a Japanese product.


One Touch Curry

This Glico product was named because of the little time that is needed to cook it.


Soda-flavored PRETZ

Soda-flavored PRETZ, a product based on a traditional German snack, commence in Hiroshima as part of a trial. The following year, butter-flavored PRETZ are introduced and gain popularity among children in no time.


Glico Cone

This ice cream cone product featuring a distinctive chocolate and crushed almonds differs significantly from the ordinary cup and bar type ice cream products previously available. In 1996, the brand name changes to Giant Cone.



The world’s first chocolate coated biscuit sticks commence. A simple but innovative idea led to one end of the stick remaining uncovered so that no chocolate gets on the fingers.


Yogurt Kenkou (Yogurt for Health)

At a time when yogurt was not yet well known, this product was developed with the positive goal of nurturing health with nutritious milk and lactic acid bacteria.


Pucchin Pudding

A creamy taste along with the distinctive sound that occurs when popped out of its container contributes to this product’s popularity.


Kogen Milk in 1000 ml containers

This special milk is available to customers from the closest of five designated highland producing areas.



A parfait-based product of ice cream as eat with long spoon and put the fruit sauce vertically


Café au Lait

Sales commence for Café Jelly as well as for Café au Lait that is based on the French beverage, which is a generous amount of rich milk added to coffee.


Seventeen Ice

Seventeen Ice vending machines are introduced particularly for young people at trendy locations, such as bowling alleys where ice cream was not previously available.


Beef Curry LEE

A heat and serve product in a retort pouch that is renowned for its spiciness.


Aisu no Mi

Bite size fruit flavored cubes of sherbet ice.



A heat and serve product in a retort pouch that is simmered and served over rice.


Juku Curry

Based on the thought that curry tastes best the next day, this product recipe was developed using techniques acquired during the production of other products.


Choushoku Ringo (Breakfast Apple) Yogurt

A remarkable product containing no artificial sweeteners was developed to attract consumers who tend to skip their morning meal.


Choushoku Yogurt

Choushoku Yogurt, the original form of the current series, was created in 1999. It was relaunched as Choushoku Probiotics Yogurt BifiX in 2013. In 2016, it was again relaunched under a new name—BifiX Yogurt—to make it a product that is more attractive to consumers.


POs-Ca ®

The development of the first stages leading to POs-Ca ®, a product that acts to prevent cavities and tooth decay while contributing to dental remineralization, is announced.


Calorie Control Ice

Sales of Calorie Control Ice commence fulfilling the requests of consumers wanting a good tasting ice cream type product while striving to reduce sugar and calorie intake.



Curry roux is developed with using the manufacturing technology of confectionaries. The curry roux is included about 40 type’s spices and confine the rich taste and flavors.



The "mental balance chocolate” that acts to reduce excitability in certain parts of the brain. The name is derived from the Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid found in a cacao base.



A product based on the concept of making a drinkable dessert.



A product with an authentic rich cheese taste was developed primarily for adult consumption as a snack complementing alcoholic beverages.


ICREO Balance Milk ICREO Milk Formula

The primary ingredients of the ICREO powdered milk products are carefully prepared to be similar to breast milk in both taste and smell.


Kobe Roasted Chocolate

This is a slightly extravagant, bite-size chocolate for adults made using cacao that has been roasted by Kobe Glico.


Almond Kouka

Glico was a pioneer in focusing on research into a new form for almond. This is almond milk for the consumption of almonds as a drink. Rich in vitamin E and dietary fiber, nutrition good for the body can be easily ingested in a tasty way.



This is the first Food with Function Claims in the chocolate category. It contains dextrin, which is difficult to digest, that suppresses the absorption of fats and sugars. It is a bite-size chocolate that does not make your hands sticky.



This is an ice cream where carbohydrates are controlled through being particular about the ingredients—such as by obtaining dietary fiber obtained from soy milk and corn—while maintaining its rich taste. It was developed so that people can fully enjoy eating ice cream while paying attention to their health.


SUNAO Biscuit

Biscuits were also launched under the SUNAO series. They have 50% less carbohydrates* when compared to ordinary biscuits. This was achieved by using soy milk and wheat germ, producing biscuits which can be eaten as and when a person wants. * Compared to soft biscuits listed in Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan – 2015.


ICREO Akachan(Baby) Milk

Ezaki Glico Co.,Ltd became the first manufacturer in Japan to launch a ready-to-drink (RTD) baby formula milk for infants, responding to the growing needs on RTD baby milk formula to save the babies during disasters.