Pocky & Pejoy in Gomart

Good news! POCKY & PEJOY NOW Available in GO-MART!

Wanna snacking, but already in relax mode at home?
No worries! Because NOW you can buy Pocky and Pejoy by using Go-Mart mobile application while staying in your room!

Open your Go-Mart app and buy some special Pocky & Pejoy package NOW.
Free delivery with Go-Pay.

Pocky & Pejoy package that available at Go-Mart :

Merdeka 1 : Pocky Coklat, Pocky Vanilla, Pocky Matcha

Merdeka 2 : Pocky Coklat, Pocky Strawberry, Pocky Matcha

Ceria 1 : Pocky matcha, Pejoy matcha

Ceria 2 : Pocky Coklat, Pejoy Coklat

Ceria 3 : Pocky Coklat, Pocky Vanila

Ceria 4 : Pocky Coklat, Pocky Banana

Ceria 5 : 2 pcs Pocky Coklat

Ceria 6 : 2 pcs Pocky Matcha

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