How is Glico supporting athletes?_POWER PRODUCTION

Sport Foods - a completely new challenge. Supporting sports depending on its goal.

Starting from scratch, each item has been resourcefully formulated to contribute to power, endurance, and the ability to rest in order to positively enhance the capacity to reach the desired goal. Targeting novice as well as top athletes, products in the series contribute to various scenes, such as Instantaneous Power, Endurance Power, Conditioning, and Breathing Endurance. The process of product development starts with a focus on scientifically and intelligently selecting the ingredients to be used for each product within the Power Production series, on how to effectively ingest each item, and on how to ensure result satisfaction.

Finding the appropriate materials for the best results.

Citric Acid & BCAA, for example, is a grapefruit flavored nutritional supplement drink that acts to build mass from workouts and to help stop any muscle breakdown. Oxydrive containing Glico’s proprietary Paprika xanthophyll is another recommended supplement effective in aerobics and endurance training to enhance respiratory strength.

No room for compromises when it comes to deliciousness and evidence.

Prior to production and marketing, the Glico Power Production series of products underwent stringent testing over a period of years. Reformulation has ensured maximum taste, product quality, and a feeling of result satisfaction. In fact, testing nutritional sports supplements is often quite tedious as it is usually difficult to attract the appropriate subjects necessary for gathering the appropriate data. This was overcome by testing top athletes attending training camps at sports universities. Not only did the gathered data contribute to perfecting the Glico Power Production series of products, but it also provided the basis for research papers and the material for academic conference presentations.
It should be noted that taste and the ease of consuming items in the Glico Power Production series of products are important factors to consider in order for users to want to continue using them. Testing took place before and after exercising to confirm results in actual circumstances. That the researchers conducting the tests also enjoy sports contributed positively to the gathering of the resulting data.
Finally, the Production Staff applied experiences of producing confectionaries gathered over the years to the production of these products.