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Introducing NEW Pocky Range Redesigned To Appreciate The Goodness Of The Natural Ingredients For The Better Taste! Crispier And Tastier With New High-Fiber And Wholewheat Biscuit Sticks Available From 8th June 2022

June 8, 2022
Glico Philippines, Inc.

Glico Philippines, Inc. (Manila, Philippines) is pleased to announce the launch of new Pocky range in the Philippines.

MANILA, Philippines, 8th JUNE 2022

Since its launch in Japan in 1966, Pocky has maintained its core concept while gradually changing its packaging and formulation to meet the times and society. The new Pocky range will be launched in the Philippines on June 8 to suit the changing consumption scene and purchasing behavior in Southeast Asia. It will be available in major supermarkets and online stores such as LazMall and Shopee Mall.

Healthiness in Pocky with High-Fiber and Wholewheat

With growing health consciousness, more and more consumers are looking for healthier choices and more guilt-free products. In line with such willing, we add fiber into the pretzel of Pocky which offers more health benefits. We also add wholewheat into the pretzel which gives it a lighter and crispier texture.

The rich and smooth chocolate gives the right balance of sweetness while enhancing the unique aroma of the chocolate flavors by adjusting the ratio of cream to biscuit.

Design Attention

We've also made a few design changes to better convey the appeal of the natural ingredients. In the Share packs, the link to the package of the standard pack has been made stronger and easier to understand.

The year 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of our Glico Group. In that year, we are pleased to celebrate the new re-staging of our flagship brand, Pocky. We want to be a brand and a company that evolves together with society, while keeping our core unchanged. "More Happiness, More Goodness!" will be delivered to the Philippines.

- Mr Takashi Miki, Marketing Head, Glico Philippines, Inc.

The more you share, the more you enjoy this mess-free tasty snack! Please check it out.

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Share happiness by making a heart for your loved one with Pocky!
It is simple to make a heart using 8 boxes of Pocky. You can use the same flavor or enjoy a combination of flavors. Share your Pocky Heart with everyone using the hashtag #PockyHeart.

#PockyHeart #Sharehappiness

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About Our Brand

• Pocky / Share happiness
Pocky is a chocolate-covered biscuit stick that offers perfect balance of creamy chocolate and a crunch of biscuit and that was released in Japan in 1966. It’s an easy-to-share snack that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere with friends and family.

• Pretz / Hello, me time!
PRETZ was inspired by pretzels, a popular snack in Germany. It has been a best-seller since it was released in Japan in 1963. PRETZ is the perfect savory snack when you’re on the go.

• Pejoy / Surprising Indulgence!
Indulge in the perfect combination of crispy biscuit sticks filled with rich & delicious flavored cream.

• Alfie / Uniquely Fun Chocolate Taste Bar!
Enjoy a combination of intense chocolate taste and crunchy bits for a one-of-a-kind experience.

• ICREO / Made in Japan
ICREO is a brand that inherits Glico founding spirit. ICREO infant formula is now available in the Philippines.

About Glico

On February 11, 2022, the Glico Group marked the centennial anniversary of its founding.
Ever since the launch in 1922 of the nutritious, fortified Glico caramel in its distinctive red box, the
business activities of Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. adhered to the corporate philosophy of "Enhancing Public Health Through Food." Glico caramel – the company's first product – incorporates the innovative creativeness of Mr. Riichi Ezaki, the company's founder. Ever since the beginning, the entire staff has likewise been heartily dedicated to further enhancing people's health and quality of life. This has led to the expansion of business lines beyond confectionery to include ice cream products, processed foods, desserts, milk products, baby formula, food ingredients, and raw materials for cosmetic and health products.

About Pocky

Pocky is popular chocolate-based confectionary that has been loved by people all over the world since it was launched in Japan in 1966. It is made of a crisp pretzel, a kind of biscuit, coated by creamy chocolate. Pocky is so shareable that you’ll want to share it with your friends and family any time, and anywhere. Pocky is all about ‘Share happiness!’. Let’s all share Pocky and bring happiness around the world.

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