Pocky levels up and breaks Indonesian Record with #NextLevelPocky Tower

January 24, 2023
PT Glico Indonesia

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The #NextLevelPocky Tower, created by PT Glico Indonesia to celebrate a renewed Pocky1 formula, officially earned the title of “Tower replica with the most biscuit packages” in Indonesia. The giant Pocky Tower, measuring 6 meters in height and 3.5 meters in width, contained 17,911 Pocky boxes in a refreshing new look. When stacked upright, these Pocky packs will reach a staggering height of 2,686 m – about 7 times the height of Indonesia’s tallest building. MURI, Indonesia’s Museum of World Records, confirmed this national record. This record-breaking tower also reflects Pocky’s growth in the country.

The #NextLevelPocky Tower was installed at Sarinah department store, Central Jakarta, to share happiness with members of the public and introduce Pocky’s renewed formula. Pocky, an iconic and well-loved chocolate-coated biscuit stick has now evolved into the #NextLevelPocky, which is tastier, crunchier and packs more fiber than before as it uses whole grain flour. It also comes in a new, refreshed packaging.

“Pocky is a beloved brand of all times that always strives to share happiness and continuously innovates. With the #NextLevelPocky, we bring refreshing changes to an all-time favourite biscuit, infusing it with the goodness of fiber and better-tasting chocolate in a new packaging. This formula has been enjoyed by Pocky fans around the world since its release. This improved Pocky is Glico’s way of showing appreciation and care for our consumers, in line with growing health consciousness among consumers. We are proud to mark this occasion with the record-breaking #NextLevelPocky Tower, which is now Indonesia’s replica tower with the most biscuit packages,” says Kartika Tirta Putri, Marketing Manager of Glico Indonesia.

As part of the #NextLevelPocky campaign to introduce the new formula, Pocky Indonesia carried out a number of activations from 11 - 25 December, 2022; activities were carried out at Sudirman Street on Sudirman Car Free Day, and at other locations such as MBloc Space and Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, and not forgetting Sarinah where the giant Pocky Tower was installed.

Sharing Glico Indonesia’s happiness was Tri Yono, Senior Customer Relation Director of Indonesia’s Museum of World Records (MURI) who was present at the #NextLevelPocky Tower to witness and confirm the achievement by Glico Indonesia. “MURI appreciates Pocky who continues to innovate as a chocolate-coated biscuit product, especially in the times of post-pandemic recovery such as today so we can officially confirm Pocky Giant Tower as a tower replica with most biscuit packages in Indonesia.”

As part of the #NextLevelPocky tower activation at Sarinah, consumers were asked to guess the number of Pocky boxes inside the tower. Responses were collected on-location as well as through a landing page. This Pocky Giant Tower took three days to build. More than 3,000 participants participated in the guessing contest. Pocky Indonesia will announce 18 winners with the correct guess or closest estimates on 16 January 2023 via @pockyid Instagram account