At Glico,
we are inspired to contribute
to a tastefully wholesome delight
in the resplendence of human life.

Code of Conduct

1. We will provide safe and reliable products and services and useful information, which are worthy of trust of our customers around the world. By doing so, we will seek to contribute to the good health in 'mind and body' of our customers.

(1) We always empathize with our customers and face them with sincerity, and will develop and provide goods and services that are useful to society.
(2) We will strive to maintain our quality assurance at global standards. If any product safety issues arise, we will be thorough in investigating the causes and taking measures to prevent recurrence.
(3) To maintain and improve quality, we will continually review systems and operating methods that better enable us to Plan, Do and Check.
(4) We will respond promptly and sincerely to customers’ requests.
(5) We will use expressions and displays that are appropriate and easy to understand on our products.

2. We respect laws, regulations and social norms and promote fair and equitable business activities with high ethical standards throughout the company.

(1) We will maintain appropriate relationships with public officials, politicians and business partners, and will prevent all forms of corruption.
(2) We will not get involved in cartels, bid rigging or any other acts that impede fair competition, and will compete appropriately in the market.
(3) We will carry out our activities with respect for the legitimate property rights of third parties over both tangible and intangible assets.
(4) In addition to the above items, we will strive to ensure consideration to human rights, labor and the environment in all activities across our value chain.

3. We will communicate openly with society and build relationships of trust.

(1) We will disclose information to and communicate with all our stakeholders, with emphasis on transparency, timeliness, fairness and continuity.
(2) We will emphasize public relations activities and promote two-way communication in providing corporate information.
(3) We will keep and preserve any and all personal and confidential information in a stringent manner.

4. We will promote environmentally-friendly corporate activities.

(1) We will work to secure the biodiversity and sustainability of our precious earth through preventing environmental pollution and global warming and effectively using resources.
(2) We will work to reduce environmental burdens in the processes of our business, including, procurement of raw materials, production, supply, distribution and final disposal of containers and packaging.
(3) We recognize that our business is dependent on the gifts bestowed upon us by nature. We will promote environmental conservation so that we could pass on these gifts to future generations.

5. We realize our role as a good corporate citizen and we will coexist harmoniously with local communities and contribute to their sustainable development.

(1) We will contribute to the improvement of people’s health, as well as economic, cultural and welfare development, through our business activities.
(2) Through dialogue with local communities, we will help identify their issues and needs and will strive to meet their expectations.
(3) Using knowledge and technology acquired through our business activities, we will aim to help resolve problems of local communities through educational support and initiatives for community revitalization.

6. We respect basic human rights and will strive to create an environment that enables the active participation of diverse individuals.

(1) We reject and will not use any form of forced labor or child labor.
(2) We will provide equal opportunities to all people without any discrimination for age, gender, race, religion or other such characteristics.
(3) We will strive to maintain and improve working environments in order to motivate employees and enable them to demonstrate their diverse personalities and abilities.
(4) We recognize that human capital is key to accelerating and delivering sustainable growth of the Glico Group. We are committed to developing our employees to their fullest potential and supporting their physical and mental wellbeing.