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Glico Group History

The founder, Mr. Ri-ichi Ezaki, verified that glycogen is contained in oyster stock.


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    Glico caramel created and test-marketed.

Glico caramel launched at Mitsukoshi Department Store in Osaka commencing February 11 – the Foundation Day of Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.

Glico caramel created and test-marketed.
Toyosaki Factory established in the Toyosaki district of Kita Ward in Osaka.


  • Miniature toys to be enclosed in the red Glico caramel boxes created.


  • Glico vending machines – each incorporating a film projector – installed in various Tokyo department stores.

Dalian, China Factory opened as part of the expansion into China and Southeast Asia.


  • Yeast confectionery Bisco launched.

Mother and Child Health Foundation established.


  • The first Glico Neon Sign installed conspicuously in the Ebisubashi district of Minami Ward in Osaka.

Tokyo Factory opened.

Osaka and Tokyo Factories destroyed in air raids.
Domestic and overseas production facilities and assets lost due to war.

Ezaki Glico Foods Co., Ltd. formally incorporated.

Osaka and Tokyo Factories re-opened.

Kyushu Factory opened.


  • Almond Glico launched.

The production and sale of seasonings commenced.
Glico Dairy Co., Ltd. established in Saga Prefecture.

Production of wheat starch commenced.


  • Almond Chocolate launched.

Production and sale of ham and sausage products commenced.


  • One-Touch Curry launched.

Vital Wheat Protein “A-glu” launched.
Glico Nasu Farming Cooperative Co., Ltd. established.


  • Pretz launched.


  • Glico Cone (later renamed Giant Cone) launched.


  • Seven (7) Glico Dairy firms merged. Pocky Chocolate launched.

Glico Farming Co., Ltd. established merging with Glico Nasu Farming Cooperative Co., Ltd.

Yogurt Kenko launched.
Glico Hamburger added to the product line.

Thai Glico Co., Ltd. established to commence business activities in Asia.


  • Ezaki Memorial Hall opened.Food color“Monas Color”launched.Pucchin Pudding launched.

Ko-gen Milk in 1,000ml packages launched.

Mendoki [raw noodles] launched.
Glico Farming Co., Ltd. renamed Glico Ham Co., Ltd.

Panapp [vanilla ice cream with a fruit sauce filling] launched.


  • Café au lait and Café Jelly launched.

Ezaki Glico Foods Co., Ltd. and Glico Ham Co., Ltd. merged into Glico Foods Co., Ltd.
Generale Biscuit Glico France (GBGF) S.A. established and Mikado launched.


  • Seventeen Ice vending machine business commenced operations.


  • Biochemical Research Laboratory was established focusing on biotechnology.Retort Beef Curry LEE launched.Aisu-no-mi launched. Glicopia Kobe opened. Donburi Tei


  • Glicopia Kobe opened.


  • Donburi Tei launched.

■ 1992

  • New corporate philosophy “A Wholesome Life in the Best of Taste,” the Glico spirit “Achieve innovation! Cheerfulness! The Thrill of the Positive!” and the new logo announced.


  • Juku Curry launched.Shanghai Glico Foods Co., Ltd. established.

Glico Wonder Restaurant Website opened.


  • Choshoku Ringo Yogurt launched.


  • Refurbishing of the huge 5th generation Glico neon sign completed at Ebisubashi, Minami in Osaka.

Paritto Choushoku Wiener launched.
November 11th declared as
Pocky and Pretz Day.

Glico Dairy Co., Ltd. renamed as Glico Dairy Products Co., Ltd. and became a 100% Glico subsidiary.
Ezaki Glico head office and all production companies acquired ISO14001 Certification (Environmental Management System).

Baby formula maker/seller ICREO joined the Glico Group.

Office Glico business made full-scale start.
Glico Group Action Standard promulgated.


  • Ezaki Glico USA Co., Ltd. established. POs-Ca gum launched.Calorie Control Ice launched. Dororich

Zeppin [State-of-the-Art Curry] launched.

GABA launched.


  • Dororich launched.


  • Cheeza launched.


  • ICREO Balance Milk and ICREO Follow-up Milk launched.


  • Glico Wagon covered the whole nation from Hokkaido to Okinawa.


  • Glico Foods Co., Ltd. divided into Glico Ham Co., Ltd. and Glico Nutrition Co., Ltd.Glicopia East inaugurated.Full-scale sales of Pocky commence in Vietnam and Indonesia.

Pocky launched in Korea.
Glico-Wings established in Indonesia.

Pocky launched in Malaysia.
Transfer of all Glico Ham shares to another firm.
PT.Glico Indonesia was established in to enhance sales of PT.Glico Indonesia was established in to enhance sales of PT.Glico Indonesia was established in to enhance sales of confectioneries.
6th generation of the Glico sign in Osaka presented to public.

17 production companies, the marketing department and the SCM department achieved FSSC22000 Certification (Food Safety Management System)

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