Thai Glico 50th anniversaries, the deliciousness never changed

August 10, 2020

Throwback to the memorable moment “Thai Glico 50th anniversaries, the deliciousness never changed” celebrate this special occasion with Pocky & Pretz retro design together with collectable souvenir and lucky draw campaign until end of Sep’2020.

Thai Glico 50th anniversaries, the deliciousness never changed

Pocky and Pretz with limited edition design, a unique & classic design from 90’s, 5 SKUs – Pocky Chocolate, Pocky Strawberry, Pocky Cookie & Cream, Pretz Larb and Pretz Corn are launched to recall an impressive memory of Glico’s fan.

The next surprised!!....Pocky and Pretz mini size & cutie key ring, the special collections with 5 flavors 5 design and Pocky waist bag. All souvenirs are packed as gift set :

• Key ring gift set 109 baht : Pocky & Pretz 4 packs + Key ring 1 piece, available at 7-Eleven & 7-Eleven Online

• Waist bag gift set 199 baht : Pocky & Pretz 4 packs + Waist bag, available at Big-C.

And the weekly lucky dray to thank you Thai consumers, every 50 baht receipt of Thai Glico products will get 1 right of lucky draw, special for 7-Eleven and 7-Eleven online get 2 rights:-
• Gold pendant 10,000 baht and luggage 1,600 baht
– total 250 prizes, value 800,000 baht
• Lucky draw campaign period 10 August 2020 – 25 September 2020
• More information, please visit Facebook: Glico TH
and Line: Glico TH

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About Thai Glico

Do you know? Glico in Thailand is established in 1970, at that time, using company name pronounced/Thai translation as Thai-Gu-Li-Co and changing company translation as Thai Glico in 1996 as Japanese original.

We have a 50th anniversary year in 2020. It’s recognized as qualified Japanese confectionery which are suitable for consumers all ages. With our long heritage, Thai consumers have a strong bond with Glico products since they were young. Also, when it comes to Glico brand, many of them think of Pocky as the very first thing. Actually, Pretz Butter is the first product debuted in Thailand in 1971. Pocky has been released in 1972, and it has been grown as our top brand in Thailand.

We, Thai Glico, will continue to deliver happiness and smiles to everyone based on our philosophy