The Origins of Glice

Important to Glico throughout its history
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Caring about children's
health by adding nutrition
to confectioner.
In consideration of children’s health,
Glico’s founder, Riichi Ezaki, sought to enhance
health and thereby make life more enjoyable
by adding “glycogen” to caramel
and thereby create Glico’s first product.
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The current brand strategy is based
on Riichi Ezaki’s basic principles.
On the distinctive red packages of Glico heart-shaped
caramels is the catch phrase
“One Piece three hundred meters”.
This message from Glico’s founder signifies strength,
stamina, health, and love for one and all.
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A nutritious confectionery
for the body and a toy
to nurture the mind.
Based on the principle of contributing
to children’s physical and mental health,
the founder was inspired to create
the eye-catching red box containing nutritious
confectionery and a toy.
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A commitment
to Community Service,
led to the establishment
of the“Maternal and
Child Health Association”.
Riichi Ezaki’s father asserted, “Contributing to
society is an ideal for those with the means”.
In keeping with this, in 1934 Glico established
the “Maternal and Child Health Association” –
a pioneer in corporate social contributions.
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The Glico Sign –
a distinctive and renowned
Osaka landmark.
Glico is an enthusiastic advertiser
of its quality products.
A prime example is the huge Glico Sign
prominently featured in the Dotonbori area
of Osaka that is constantly crowded with shoppers,
pleasure seekers, and tourists.
The best view is from the Ebisubashi Bridge
that crosses the Dotonbori Canal.
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The first of its kind!
A chocolate-coated, pretzel-like cookie
stick having one end bare so that it can
be eaten without soiling the fingers.
Released in 1966, Pocky is a simple and
innovative idea for a better way to consume
chocolate-coated cookie sticks.
This product has achieved growing
popularity in many countries around the world.
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Creative R&D ingenuity.
Glico discovered POs-Ca™,
a calcium component made from potato starch,
that research has revealed to have
a significant dental restorative function.
In fact, a wide range of Glico’s research activities
lead to the introduction of new products.
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Dedicated to the support
of the office work force
– Office Glico.
In addition to providing nourishment,
Glico snack products also serve
as enhancements to office communication.
In other words, Glico not only provides taste treats,
but it also contributes to the office work
force lifestyle.