About CSR at Glico

Ezaki Glico has chosen February 11, 1922, to commemorate its founding. This is the day that the company first sold it’s nutritious Glico caramel in the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Osaka, which was the peak of retail at the time.

Ri-ichi Ezaki, the founder of Glico, had been working in the pharmaceutical business in his birthplace of Saga Prefecture, until founding the company. Ezaki set up the company in Osaka with a strong desire to contribute to improving the health of the Japanese people through the food business.

Furthermore, from his belief that “eating and playing are the great two vocations for children,” Ezaki came up with the idea of including toys commonly known as “omake,” or free gifts, with his nutritious Glico caramel, in order to build sentiment with growing children and to assist with their healthy development. This sentiment has been passed down unbroken through Glico.

While the way of expression may change over time, since its foundation, Glico is constantly pursuing its corporate philosophy of “A Wholesome Life in the Best of Taste.” Glico believes that providing inspiration by tastefulness and delight through wholesomeness, and finding glory in the resplendence of life with people around the world is the dream and mission of the company and each of its employs. We at Glico are full of the courage to overcome any troubles we may face in order to realize this dream and mission.

“Contribute to society through food.” These words, left by the founder Ri-ichi Ezaki, are the origin of Glico, and the basis of the company’s CSR activities. At Glico, the code of conduct of the company has been established based on these words, and all activities of the company are carried out in accordance with these words.