The First 100 Years

Here, we guide you through Glico’s first 100 years
by looking back at the history of the company
and its’ products.
This is a story of creative ideas and efforts
that sparked from an unchanging belief of
enhancing people’s health through food.

  • 1922-1945


    On February 11, 1922, red boxes of Glico nutritious caramel went on sale at time-honored department store Mitsukoshi in Osaka. Business grew quickly in the early Showa era (1926–1989) with expansion into China and a new factory in Tokyo. All assets at home and abroad were lost, however, due to the air raids of 1945 and the end of the Second World War.

  • 1946-1970

    25th Anniversary →

    “There is one asset not even the ravages of war could destroy—the Glico brand.” Operations resumed, initially through contract manufacturing of biscuits. Bisco was revived, then Glico. Back in business, successive super-long-selling products were introduced, including Almond Chocolate, PRETZ, Giant Cone and Pocky.

  • 1971-1995

    50th Anniversary →

    Affluence brought with it greater demand for desserts. First came Pucchin Pudding, followed by Café au Lait, Panapp and Seventeen Ice. Meanwhile, a research facility was established and R&D activities moved into full gear.

  • 1996-2021

    75th Anniversary →

    Increasingly health-conscious consumers now seek functional product benefits, like relaxation and prevention of tooth decay, as well as low-calorie and sugarless options. The expanding role of information and advance of globalization have given people everywhere the opportunity to enjoy Glico products.

2022.2.11 Fri 100th anniversary 1922-2022

On February 11, 2022,
the Glico Group marked the centennial anniversary of its founding.
Sharing our gratitude for the first 100 years and our vision for the next 100 years.